A Beautiful Getaway

This is Palazzo Margherita – a beautiful hotel in the south of Italy. With decor like this, you’ll truly escape your every day life. I love the slight Moroccan feel to the room.

Thanks to this website that featured this beautiful hotel: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9671886/Carolina-Herrera-de-Baezs-Little-Black-Book.html


Mexican Corridor


A beautiful mexican corridor. I love the turquoise walls. And though this tiny corridor is packed with numerous beautiful pieces of furniture and decorations, it all seems to go perfectly together.
Came across this when I was looking at a vacations website : http://pamelavillas.com/mexico/casa_quinta_quebrada.shtml

Thank You Sachin Tendulkar

You are a fairy tale that came true and gave hope to dreams. A fairy tale believed by people all over the world – by kids, by women and even the toughest of men. And today as we read the last page of this tale, we wish it would never end. But we’ll smile, shed a tear and wish you the best in your next beautiful story. Thank you for bringing so many nations together and giving Indians the Indian Pride.