I can’t expect optimism from you if I discourage myself. Only if I believe in it will I be able to make my dreams come true. So thanks for always being there to guide me down the road of optimism when I am giving up, but I know there is no one but me who can truly fill my life with positivity.


What’s happiness?

Is it waking up to a beautiful sunny day?
Or to the sound of rain on your window?
Or when you find a dollar coin?
It giving two dollars to a homeless guy?
Maybe swimming in the sea or walking along the beach?

It’s amazing how happiness is defined so differently for each person. I don’t think this word should be in the dictionary. I doubt a lot of people even understand what it is or when they are actually feeling it.

Maybe we should be taught in school about happiness. That will help children learn about themselves and know what actually makes them happy. This will stop them from assuming that by doing what their parents want or what the other classmate does is the only way to bring happiness. Money doesn’t have to be it. Neither does a big house or a flashy car.
If we learn what true happiness is early on, we will be able to make good choices for ourselves. Really good and correct choices. We’ll regret less. And the world would be a happier place and I believe there would be fewer of the bad guys.

Know what makes you happy. 🙂 And then… Be Happy!


Up and Down

I am wondering what makes me feel so good one day and unexplainably crap the next. In fact it happens during the same day sometimes too.. A few hours of gloom and then there’s an adrenaline rush and excitement for no reason.. I can’t even blame pregnancy hormones anymore…. It’s been exactly six weeks now since my c section and the hormones should have flushed out ny now…
My new mom hormones?
It’s only up to me how complicated I want this new life to be and sometimes I can’t seem to find a solution to anything and other times I realize there isn’t even a problem here that requires a solution. But I guess we do this with most things in life…
Let’s try to focus on the things that make us smile more and worry less.. Easier said than done but that’s all I can do.. Take one day at a time – Be it a happy day or a gloomy day.

Thank You Sachin Tendulkar

You are a fairy tale that came true and gave hope to dreams. A fairy tale believed by people all over the world – by kids, by women and even the toughest of men. And today as we read the last page of this tale, we wish it would never end. But we’ll smile, shed a tear and wish you the best in your next beautiful story. Thank you for bringing so many nations together and giving Indians the Indian Pride.

Letting Go and Accepting the New


Hello my dear followers…
I hope you’re all happy today.
And I just felt like writing a few words… hope it doesn’t get too long.

I’m leaving Singapore at the end of the month and i’ve been quite stressed about pretty much everything – packing, selling off furniture, shipping stuff, money, flights, etc, etc. and on top of that, the fear of leaving a home we made and the fear of moving to a new place. Letting go and accepting something new are both stress causing emotions….so you get the picture.

But where am I today? In Phuket! 🙂

I’m having a great time and though when I got here yesterday my mind had a lot of trouble slowing down from the millions mile per hour speed, the Sun, the white soft sand, the roaring waves of Patong beach, coconut water, and 100 baht yummy cocktails are definitely helping.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are completely living outside the moment we’re in until we’re pulled away from the crazy race we create.

My husband organized this 4 day getaway and it’s exactly what we needed.
Giving ourselves a break before the big move out of Singapore which has been our home for the last year is exactly what our minds, hearts and bodies needed.

And this break has really helped me appreciate the memories we created this year in Singapore and be ready for our next move – Mumbai, which will be for 2 years.

So tonight, a flew a sky lantern which felt quite special. When I let go of the lantern, I let go of something so beautiful it was difficult. But when I saw it float away,I realized it only looked even more beautiful – I smiled, I was happy. So I am grateful for the past years and ready for the next.

I would really like to encourage everyone to take a break, especially during those times when you feel it’s a crime to do so. You’ll realize it’s important to slow down during these crazy times just so we can re-energize ourselves and be even stronger to face whatever’s coming up.

I’m happy today and I wish you are too. :)Take care every one!

Moving Again


Cartons are here
Time to pack
Sort and Throw
Keep or Sell

Moving again
Too often too quick
Maybe learn to stay
Stop going away

There is nothing wrong
With staying here
But what is wrong
WIth moving away

It creates a filter
Through which I squeeze
Letting go of things
And taking some along

It declutters my wardrobe
Makes space for new
As I move on
To the next new place

Sometimes I change houses
Sometimes even countries
But these few cartons
They manage to come along

I will see a new place
I’ll make new friends
I’m nervous and scared
But it’s happened before

I know I’ll get through
I’ll be happy and excited
Soon I will get a sign
Saying this is your home

Maybe I’ll keep moving
Maybe I’ll stay then
But its too far away
To stress my heart for it

At least I’m sure
This life is for me
For making new homes
Means I’m living a life

A life with new meanings
New priorities and lessons
Lessons I’ll learn
Knowledge I’ll share

And when one day it’s time
For me to stay in one home
I can go through the cartons
And dig through my past

I’ll see I have lived
My lips will be smiling
I won’t regret a single move
Be it acceptable or not

My parents always question
My friends roll their eyes
But yes I’m moving again
And it will happen again

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads in Aus

Would like to wish all my friends (especially the new dads) a very happy Father’s Day! 🙂

Fathers silently love us and guide us through life without expecting much in return. We never seem to appreciate them enough and they don’t seem to mind.
Today onwards I’ll take that extra bit of effort just to let my Dad know that he is in my mind just as much as mum is. Dad, thanks for everything. Love you!