PS Cafe – Loved it!

Went to PS cafe on Orchard Road in Singapore yesterday and I was surprised by this beautifully decorated restaurant. The entrance was small but the moment you walk in you are in an elegantly designed spacious space. You have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors and both are equally amazing. High ceilings, great lighting and a great use of browns, blacks then whites and beiges.

And then with the trees and plants potted at the perfect spots you wouldn’t remember you were in the middle of the busiest road of the city of Singapore.

The fabulous use of glass, mirrors and lights give make it seem modern but at the same time there is a country feel to it. The food was in generous serves but of course it’s not a cheap restaurant. Overall, I just loved being in this restaurant. Great ambience, great music, great food and yummy cocktails!




Do you like this cafe?

Anthesis Cafe Robertson Quay

I loved the use of whites and beiges. It was so light and positive to be there. Everything from their cutlery to the choice of furniture worked perfectly together.
Some photos of the cafe… Let me know what you guys think.