Low Calorie Rice – Cauliflower Rice

Low Calorie Rice – Cauliflower Rice

(From http://cookingrookie.blogspot.ca/)

Finding replacements for simple carbohydrates really does make a difference to your health – And I’m not just talking about fat loss. I’m not saying you should cut out carbs but switch to complex carbs (e.g. Sweet Potatoes, Rye, etc) and when you feel like rice but without the calories, try this recipe – Cauliflower Rice. 🙂
Thanks ‘CookingRookie’ for the simple but amazing recipe.

Ice Cream: Clean and Healthy

I love ice cream – who doesn’t? With all the buzz about clean eating these days I looked up many ideas for a “cleaner” ice cream and finally found one I was willing to try. I did change the ingredients a bit (for example I don’t exactly agree with using artificial sweeteners so I use honey – I know a few more calories but fewer chemicals?)



3 Frozen bananas (Peel and cut up bananas before freezing them for 1-2 hours)
4 tablespoon full cream yogurt (Greek yogurt)
2/3 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon honey
2 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
(Optional)1 scoop whey protein powder (for people who are okay with protein powder)

Just blend it all together.
Freeze it for a few hours.
Serve with dried coconut or nuts or seeds. (Whatever you like!)

I served it with dried coconut and pumpkin seeds! 🙂


Verdict: Of course it wasn’t exactly like ice cream. Not as creamy (maybe more yogurt if you want it creamier?). Strong banana taste as expected so if you’re not a fan of banana you’ll probably hate it. Overall, I was quite happy with it and I might make it more often since it does satisfy the craving. 🙂 If the ice cream gets too hard and icy after you freeze it just blend it again – it tastes great afterwards and a lot more like ice cream.

Coconut Oil – Is it good for you?

So is Coconut Oil good or bad? Don’t saturated fats clog up our arteries? There are so many different views on this topic lately but it seems like we might have been misled about the facts of saturated oil all these year. Decide for yourself but I love coconut oil – you can use it for cooking, as a body lotion, on your hair, etc… And it smells amazing of course. This website has some facts on why coconut oil might be good for you.