What’s happiness?

Is it waking up to a beautiful sunny day?
Or to the sound of rain on your window?
Or when you find a dollar coin?
It giving two dollars to a homeless guy?
Maybe swimming in the sea or walking along the beach?

It’s amazing how happiness is defined so differently for each person. I don’t think this word should be in the dictionary. I doubt a lot of people even understand what it is or when they are actually feeling it.

Maybe we should be taught in school about happiness. That will help children learn about themselves and know what actually makes them happy. This will stop them from assuming that by doing what their parents want or what the other classmate does is the only way to bring happiness. Money doesn’t have to be it. Neither does a big house or a flashy car.
If we learn what true happiness is early on, we will be able to make good choices for ourselves. Really good and correct choices. We’ll regret less. And the world would be a happier place and I believe there would be fewer of the bad guys.

Know what makes you happy. 🙂 And then… Be Happy!



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