Letting Go and Accepting the New


Hello my dear followers…
I hope you’re all happy today.
And I just felt like writing a few words… hope it doesn’t get too long.

I’m leaving Singapore at the end of the month and i’ve been quite stressed about pretty much everything – packing, selling off furniture, shipping stuff, money, flights, etc, etc. and on top of that, the fear of leaving a home we made and the fear of moving to a new place. Letting go and accepting something new are both stress causing emotions….so you get the picture.

But where am I today? In Phuket! 🙂

I’m having a great time and though when I got here yesterday my mind had a lot of trouble slowing down from the millions mile per hour speed, the Sun, the white soft sand, the roaring waves of Patong beach, coconut water, and 100 baht yummy cocktails are definitely helping.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are completely living outside the moment we’re in until we’re pulled away from the crazy race we create.

My husband organized this 4 day getaway and it’s exactly what we needed.
Giving ourselves a break before the big move out of Singapore which has been our home for the last year is exactly what our minds, hearts and bodies needed.

And this break has really helped me appreciate the memories we created this year in Singapore and be ready for our next move – Mumbai, which will be for 2 years.

So tonight, a flew a sky lantern which felt quite special. When I let go of the lantern, I let go of something so beautiful it was difficult. But when I saw it float away,I realized it only looked even more beautiful – I smiled, I was happy. So I am grateful for the past years and ready for the next.

I would really like to encourage everyone to take a break, especially during those times when you feel it’s a crime to do so. You’ll realize it’s important to slow down during these crazy times just so we can re-energize ourselves and be even stronger to face whatever’s coming up.

I’m happy today and I wish you are too. :)Take care every one!


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