The Flu’s Got Me


I feel fine, quite perfect in fact
It’s just my nose that’s runny
And my head’s got a few stones in it
I might sound like I’m barking but it’s cough
But apart from that I’m fine

For some reason I have no energy
I’m too tired to even go to the fridge
Not sure what my taste buds would like
I don’t know what I want to do
But I really do think I’m fine

Flu, dear flu you’ve cast a magic spell
That binds my jumping soul inside my body
I am dying to skip up & down and run around
But you’re doing quite well holding me down
Laughing at me when I say I’m fine

Just drink more water and rest and rest
That’s what my mom and the doctor says
But water tastes like bitter gourd juice
And I’m bored of just resting, doing nothing
So someone please reverse this spell!!


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