Jobless Blob

The lazy boy

Another job application done
I go back to sitting on my bum
Almost certain I’ll be rejected
Well it probably wasn’t perfected

I put on my T-shirt and jeans
T-shirt says ‘Follow Your Dreams’
Yeah whatever I don’t really care
Now I’m just on my way to…where?

Mornings with no annoying alarm
Watching TV, some city kids on farm
Can someone cook me some lunch
I’m too full to move after my brunch

My friends ask me how’s it going
I tell them my life’s pretty boring
Don’t try to make me a future plan
I’m planning on a trip to Kazakstan

In case you are jealous of my freedom
Wait until you come see my kingdom
I have a quilt on my overused couch
Cushions on the floor ’cause  I can’t crouch

Phone rings, the machine will answer
Oh it’s a call from some recruiter
Apparently I’ve just got a job
Crap I actually enjoy being a blob

So now I have to get up at eight
But for some reason I’m always late
I’m wondering if I really am happy
Fearing a boss whose mood’s always crappy

I’m thinking ’bout those kids on the farm
Sweating and working their legs and arms
I wonder if I could do all that better
Instead of writing some boring letter

So now I have no time to sit on my bum
And I wait for weekends to have some fun
But I wake up at 2am to the sound of alarm
Turn on the TV and watch ‘Kids on the farm’


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